What is a “Binding Estimate?”

A binding estimate is a contract that protects you as a customer during your move by compelling us to stand behind our volume estimate. In other words, it’s a guaranteed price for all listed items.

Is your company bonded/insured?

Moving America is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. We follow all D.O.T regulations.

Where do you store my items?

We have more than 15 climate controlled storage facilities nationwide. Our dispatch department coordinates the storage locations based on job volume, storage time, and destination. In most cases your items will be stored in one of our storage locations within close proximity to the pick-up location.

Can you guarantee a delivery date?

A guaranteed delivery date can be very expensive and most of our customers tend to opt for our standard ETA for delivery (check your chart). However if you want to find out the price for a guaranteed date, your relocation consultant will be happy to provide you with that.  Moving America wants you to have the proper information that will help you make the decision that is right for you. Your moving cost will be comparatively lower if you allow us the flexibility of a slightly wider window of time in which to accomplish your move.

What will happen if I add items that were not listed on my inventory list?

We understand that the process of moving can be stressful and confusing. This is why we allow our customers to add items on the day of the move, and we charge the same flat rate per CF that is written in the estimate. You will find that 90% of other moving companies augment their rates by 50% for items added to the packing list on the day of the move.

How do you evaluate the volume of my items?

Like most of the leading moving companies, we use moving software made by the Department of Transportation. It is very accurate and we stand behind our estimates with a guaranteed price. If you think that your total volume will be less, we can reduce the amount of CF BUT it will be a “Non-Binding” estimate.

How do I sign the contract electronically?

Your Relocation Consultant will send you an email, which is called, “Your Moving Estimate – Booked.” When you open the email your Job Number will be in it, when you click on it you will be redirected to your contract. If you scroll down, you will see at the bottom of the contract a link which says, “Online Electronic Signature.”