Storage options

Don’t know where you are moving to yet, but still need to move your items?
We offer storage solutions!

Designed for either short-term or long-term storage needs, our storage facilities compliment our national moving services by providing storage for your possessions while waiting for your plans to come together.

Storage Process

Our goal is to provide our customers with all of the possible solutions for relocation.

We know that you may still be looking for a new home, and until you have found one we will be happy to provide you with our storage solutions.

We store our customers’ items in facilities that are located nationwide. For your move, our dispatch department can coordinate and find the perfect storage facility that will fit your needs and wishes.

Our facilities are only accessible to our professional crews. This allows us to maintain the safety, security, and organization of your possessions.

Need to store your items? Just get a quote now!

Our storage facilities are private and accessible to our employees only, in order to maintain safety, security, and organization.
The process of getting a quote is very easy:

•    Contact: make a connection with our professional relocation consultants.

•    Construct an inventory list based on the items you want to store, and the amount of time the items will be in storage.

•    We will figure out the size of the storage facility you require and will reserve a space exclusively for your items.

•    We will protect your items in boxes and moving blankets for long-term storage.

•    Schedule a pickup date for our movers to pack, load, and deliver your belongings to your storage space.

•    When you’re ready, our team will deliver your possessions to your house/office and unpack and reassemble whatever you wish, and place the items where you want them.