Special packing

Fragile items that cannot fit into a box must be properly packed according to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

For some items you will find specially made packing boxes – TV’s, mirrors, pictures, etc. Other items such as china cabinets, glass tables, and glass book cases, must be packed differently.

Do your own special packing? 

There is an easy and affordable way of doing that – simply wrap the item with one layer of bubble wrap and surround that with a layer of cardboard. Secure this with packing tape. This will provide the protection and ensure your precious pieces are perfectly safe.

Let the experts work for you:

Take advantage of our unlimited packing supplies! We have the right materials to secure your items. Our expert movers will pack everything up to protect your valuables.
Whether it’s a marble statue or an antique china cabinet, we will take care of your item with extra attention and care. Your goods are safe with us.