Our Easy Packing Guide

All you need to know about self packing 

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Doing your own packing? Here are some handy tips to help you pack efficiently and prepare your personal possessions for a safe move with Moving America:

Where to Buy?

Packing materials can be purchased in a store near you (Target, Walmart, Office Depot, FedEx, UPS, etc).

What to Buy? (Packing Materials)

Make the best choices for your unique packing needs. Our guide will help you get the job done!


-Use a china box

-Use a lot of packing paper and pad the top and bottom of the box

-Wrap individual pieces in bubble wrap

-Use a “layering” method and separate layers with crumpled paper

-Fill the entire box before starting another box of china

-Make sure items in the box are secure and cannot rattle or move around

Pictures and Glass Pieces

-Use a standard picture box or cover both sides with cardboard

-Prevent the pictures from moving inside the box by placing packing paper

along the sides and edges of the pictures

-Place packing paper or bubble wrap in between pictures

-Limit 3 or 4 pictures per box

-Write on the box that it must be kept right side up at all times


-Use small book boxes

-Reinforce the bottom of the box

-Don’t overpack the boxes. You can distribute the items


-If possible, pack electronics, TVs, stereo components, computers, etc. in their original boxes. Label all of these boxes “FRAGILE”


-Use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes

-Put shoes in bottom of wardrobe boxes

-Use linen or large boxes for all other clothes